Is Buying Accounts Safe?

Short Answer: Pretty much yes.

Purchasing accounts is against Riot's Terms of Service and can lead to a suspension of said account. This happens rarely and is mostly caused by the user doing something wrong on their end. Should you purchase an account, please make sure to not brag about it ingame. Just act normal on the account and nothing should happen. Nevertheless, if you encounter any issues just let us know about it using one of our support channels.

How Long Is My Warranty On The Account?

That depends on the type of Account you purchased from us. You will find a more detailed description of the warranty on the product description that you find on each products page.

What Does My Warranty Cover?

All of our accounts are premium quality. Sadly we can not control what Riot Games does with those.

We cover any bans that are out of your control within the specified warranty time frame.
We do not cover(Scripting, Toxicity, Griefing, Racism, Etc.)

How long does it take for my account to be delivered?

Our accounts are delivered to your e-mail address automatically. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder as well.

Why are those accounts so cheap?

We keep our prices low to ensure we bring you back as a repeat customer. We want you here for the long-term, not just one account like other sites.

Is this site legit?

Yes. We take pride in providing quality League of Legends accounts, and will be here for years to come.